How much can i charge for bringing you 1000 Users/Clicks ?

I built which gets quite decent vuejs/developer traffic. And I started now to sell features for postings

A project stays as long at the top of the page until I brought you, 1000 users. (will also be promoted via Twitter/Newsletter)

what do you think can I charge for that? currently i thought about ~ € 0,08 per click = € 85 EUR / ~102 USD

Does this sound fair? (i'm able to deliver those 1000 in around a week)

Clicks <> Users ;) I would say go with that and change if needed (too many yes= raise price, no clients = lower price)

So i'm building this plugin and am planning to create a Vue.js wrapper, is that something I could advertise on your platform? As it's not really made with Vue.js but made for Vue.js

Heya Rik! - totally! everything "around" vue.js is fine :) - hit me up when its done!

and: my god i want this uploader in my life 👀🚀

Guess this greatly depends on traffic/target audience match. The price is absolutely fair (if not cheap) if the post is easily monetizable with vuejs devs(like:…) while it is
considerably less valuable if the posts is some SASS project for example targeting non devs