How has WIP helped you as a maker?

I realize this is a very loaded and self-serving question, but I’m looking to collect a few testimonials for the WIP landing page haha.

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It gives me a sense of public accountability and a streak that I do not want to break. Having a streak to keep up is a very powerful motivator to ship something every day, even if it's just a bugfix or a small optimisation. It adds up over time!

I get a motivation boost to make progress every day just by being part of a community where everyone gets things done. Also keeping up the streak adds a lot of momentum to that.

Keeping up with fellow makers reminds me to ship more.

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It is helping me get a lot more done and not live in my head. It also shows me how productive the top makers are and how much more I need to produce on a daily basis. I love this tool.

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Just knowing that there's more people like me out there and that I can chat with them and help each other out is what makes WIP all worth it for me. It helps knowing you're not actually neither crazy nor alone in this journey :P

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The group chat is so valuable for getting feedback, especially design feedback. Everyone is very helpful. My product looks so much better because of it. Also making and completing todos is really fun.

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I didn’t think it would be as powerful as it is but the Shipping Streak has me spending all saturday thinking ”What can I ship today to keep the streak going?” And that’s a great thing for keeping the momentum.

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