How are you handling emails for your side-projects?

Currently when I buy a domain (Namecheap) I set up a catch-all redirection so all emails are redirected to my Gmail. However when I reply to emails, users can see it's from my Gmail, not very professional. I'm looking for a solution, self hosted or not, preferably free to handle that. How are you guys currently handling emails?


I currently use Thunderbird

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You can add an alias to your Gmail inbox so it sends out from your custom domain.…


Thanks, but you still need an SMTP server somewhere right ? If so what are you using?

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I'm paying for G Suite and got aliases there, but it's probably different since it goes through the domain's MX records.

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I'm cheap. I use this workaround using gmail SMTP itself:…

Yup, I'd recommend doing what @pugson said. I have my main email address as [email protected], then I set up an alias for every domain I have... Then I can send and receive emails from [email protected] without buying another email plan.

I'm using a paid (email) hosting where I can add unlimited domains. So I setup DNS records and an SMTP account. Would not recommend it, but its flexible and cheap :) ( - they only provide their service in german unfortunately)

And remember to redirect your apps email to an email you open.

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