Hey everyone, new and excited to be here! Quit my job to do the indie hacker thing.

What are you working on these days?

Just quit my full time job 2 months ago to work on indie project ideas full time! I just came back from backpacking in Southeast Asia and now starting on my first idea: PrintSwarm, a crowdsourced 3d printing and delivery app that I'll be building if there's enough interest on my landing page. Here's the landing page for anyone curious about this:

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

Any feedback on my landing page is much appreciated!

What can you help others with?

Anything related to Software Engineering (have been doing it professionally for the last 10 years), company formation, music, 3d printing, travel tips, mechanical watches, or anything else I might have knowledge of!

Something else you want to share?

If anyone is in NYC, definitely let me know. Let's grab a beer and talk startups - I might even organize a meetup if there are enough of us in the area. Excited to get to know everyone in the community 👍

Hey Ben, welcome to the community! That’s an interesting project you have on your hands there! Enjoy, and happy shipping!

@martinvandriel Thank you, I appreciate it! Glad to be here

Hey Ben, welcome from another new joiner :)

Thanks @siavoshzarrasvand! Welcome to you as well