Hello, my name is Rich Taylor

What are you working on these days?

I'm building MatchFit, a dating app for the CrossFit community.
I have a backlog of ideas I want to ship but need more hours in the day as I spend most of my time chasing my young sons around!

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

Accountability and feedback as I need it.
If anyone works for or knows anyone at Twitter, that would be good! 😂

What can you help others with?

Anything you need!
I'm currently working as a Pilot and build on the side, but plan to replace that income with my no-code indie hacking.
I'm 45 and have lots of experience in different careers.
I'm not bad with UI/UX so happy to offer my thoughts.
Otherwise, anything you might need input on 😎

Something else you want to share?

Until this week I was building on Twitter but my account was hacked and then suspended. As yet I have been unable to get back on. This is a win because in looking for alternatives I found WIP! This looks like a really good place for me to reach my goals 🔥

Hi Rich!

So what did you say that got you kicked off twitter? 😂

I had an old account that I never used. When I kicked off this new path of building stuff I just set up a new one.

I thought no more of it until my old one was hacked and three dodgy retweets appeared on there, on written in Arabic!

The all knowing Twitter bots assumed I was up to no good and locked me out! 🤦🏻‍♂️

As yet I’ve not been able to get back on but can’t be bothered wasting time trying to fix it when I can be building instead!

Nice Rich. Welcome. What/where do you fly?

Hey Tom! Thanks 😊

I fly the 737 with Virgin Australia. Just domestic at the moment but should pick up some short haul international again soon.

The job works well to do this on the side. The ultimate goal is to replace my income with what I build so I can work from my laptop and do what I want, when I want from where I want with my family 😎

Nice. I see you're Radelaide based. Hit me up when you're in Sydney if you want to hack IRL.

Ahh cool! I hadn’t noticed you’re in Aus. Pre-COVID I spent quite a bit of time in Sydney so I’ll let you know when we’re back up to speed and can catch up! I’m a late starter so my hacking is purely no-code at this stage. It’s the most efficient use of my time at the moment to get my ideas to market. What do you specialise in?

Nice. Looking forward to it. I'm building a customer experience mapping/monitoring tool. I can see the appeal of no-code for sure. I'm a Rails dev so tend to use what I'm familiar with.

Ugh! Sorry to hear about your Twitter account getting hacked. I believe @camerondare had a similar problem. Cam, did you ever get it resolved?

I'd love to know if @camerondare did! In the meantime I have setup a covert one 😬 - see how long it evades the bots!

I'm happy to announce I'm the first follower of the covert twitter account :)

Hahahaha! If you can find me that easily, I have doubts as to how long I have before they find me! 😂

If I was genuinely up to no good l, I’d be less annoyed but I was doing nothing wrong and Twitter don’t have a decent system in place to fix this stuff! 🤦🏻‍♂️