Hello, my name is Marc Köhlbrugge

What are you working on these days?

Me and ☒ (mostly him) made this new intro feature over the last few days. The goal is to help new members introduce themselves to our community and make them feel welcome. It's aimed at new members, but I figured I'd test it out to see if it actually works in production.

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

Let me know what you think of this feature! We don't have comments, likes, or anything like that for these intros. So please make your voice heard by messaging me on Telegram or elsewhere :)

What can you help others with?

I can help you answer any questions you might have about WIP. Also happy to provide feedback on whatever you're working on right now.

Something else you want to share?

Included a screenshot of our "Introduction" model below. Sneak peek into WIP's source code :)