Damon Chen


Self-taught web dev, created IndieLog.com, Channel.so and more.
Updated all screenshots in my Product Hunt post for #testimonial
Wrote API for retrieving all testimonials #testimonial
Offered monthly subscription option #testimonial
Tested testimonial embed on Notion www.notion.so/Testimonial-dem…
Tested testimonial embed on Carrd testimonial-demo.carrd.co/
Tested testimonial embed on Wix damon734.wixsite.com/testimon…
Tested testimonial embed on Webflow testimonial-to.webflow.io/
Update the onboarding email #testimonial
set the embed background to transparent so that it can fit in any site #testimonial
Support embed code for wall of testimonials #testimonial
Worked on the iframe embed for the wall of testimonials #testimonial
Finished the wall. Tweet is now supported. #testimonial
Oops, lost my 69 ūüĒ• streak ūü§£
Easily add tweets in the wall of testimonials #testimonial
Work on a wall of testimonials #testimonial
Smooth the video display. Play one video will automatically pause others #testimonial
Set up the affiliate program on Rewardful www.getrewardful.com/?via=dam… #testimonial
Create a new space instead of create a product #testimonial
Sent my video testimonial to Nomad List testimonial.to/nomad-list
Add new member frontend done #testimonial