Hello, my name is Carlos Palars

What are you working on these days?

From 10 am to 10 pm (Monday to Friday): I work for an early-stage startup growing fast (on the road to Series A). We are only two tech people there (so weekend work is assured)

The rest of my time: I spend my time learning new things and building tech projects. My making vibes are strong for now, so I'd like to find my freedom building some highly automated profitable side projects.

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

I have so many questions that are not covered by podcasts or blogs. The Joe Rogan format tried by ☒ with ☒ was good. It'd be awesome to have AMA's with some members that found freedom by making.

This q has been in my mind: How is your personal life affected by your work? Would you suggest to indie make while staying anonymous? (I like the @ajlkn style)

What can you help others with?

I'm open to help you with anything, even with emotional support, burnout is real. I got some experience coding, designing and doing marketing/growth

Something else you want to share?

After 5 years doing or working for startups, I'm ready to quit that life for the indie hacker one. I have to thanks everyone for being so open about your work. I discovered this world in 2015 because ☒ 12 startups. The open movement is evertyhing.

PS: My Twitter handle is @palars, I'm relatively new to Twitter, so suggestions are more than welcome

Hey Carlos!

Hey David! How is it going? I see that you have used tailwind for codebird, a very nice choice!

Doing well thx! I'm curious what your startup does?

Sorry I've been off for a while. Embedpolls helps you to create minimalist polls that can be used anywhere, for the moment I use it to add polls to blog posts (in Ghost) and landing pages (the landing page itself)

Welcome! 👋

Great idea to have some AMAs on WIP. Actually, @rpish and I will be hosting a live audio chat on Telegram soon. Probably this Friday. Would love for you to join us if you got a chance. We'll announce the details shortly. The idea is to just have a chat amongst makers, but I can see us doing some AMAs in the future too.

To answer your questions:

How is your personal life affected by your work?

For me they are highly intertwined. I don't have a clear boundary between personal life and work. Many of my work peers are also friends and vice versa.

Would you suggest to indie make while staying anonymous? (I like the @ajlkn style)

I think doing things anonymously will make it harder to connect with people. Talking to a pseudonym or abstract avatar just isn't the same. But I guess depending on your personal situation it could be worth the trade-off.

Is that an alpaca, llama, or something else? What's the story behind it? 👀

I just saw the audio chat announcement, I'm at work at that hour but I'll try to join the audio for at least some minutes.

Thanks for the answers. I read this last year… and I've been wondering what is the point where mixed work and personal life can go wrong. I guess, in the future, there'll be some products to solve that issue by creating online personas, I have seen some like and The thought of building something like that has crossed my mind a couple of times (because it's still early for that), but the learning curve is really high, for the moment I'm learning about GAN's just for fun. Do you know some makers working with computer vision tech? It is an interesting space.

I tried to edit the photo today. It has not changed yet, I'm not sure if it's going to change, maybe there is some approval to be done 😅. The original image was a Peruvian alpaca (the one with cold green background colors), the new one is an Argentinian llama (the one that has warmer colors). Well, I did a sort of short nomading mvp back in 2019 (2 months between Cusco Peru and Salta Argentina).

The alpaca: One day I was walking down the street in Cusco city and then somehow and end up in the middle of Sacsayhuamán ruins, I was a bit tired so I chill out with the alpacas (because they looked so relaxed (aspirational grade level relaxed)) for a couple of hours just contemplating life, the one in the photo is called Juan Pedro.

The llama: I was on the road to Cafayate (Argentina) but the bus took some stops. One of them was at some winery place and after some wine tasting I saw llamas outside and I was a bit surprised, anyways I took some food for llamas and went to know them, I did not find out their names tho.

Haha great stories on the alpaca and llama. I do indeed still see the old photo. I'll have a look what happened to the other one.

Regarding GAN, I remember Sarv was working on GAN a few years ago. I don't know him very well, but met him at a Stripe talk a few years ago. I suggest reaching out to him.