Have you ever done, or thought about doing the 12 Startups in 12 Months challenge?

Hey guys! (And Pieter) I am planning on doing a 12 startups in 12 months challenge.

This isn’t because I’m a Pieter Levels fan-boy, I want attention or I’m jumping on the “me too” band wagon. It’s because I want deadlines to ship to.

I began my journey into tech at the start of COVID and have loved it so far. I have tinkered with a few projects in the background but rarely got past the design phase, some early building or user interviews.

The reasons are exactly as Pieter lists on his blog - 1) I get distracted my my new shiny ideas and 2) I’m shit scared of launching them in case they suck and I look like an idiot! A primary reason for being on WIP.

  1. Have many of you tried this challenge? 
  2. Thought about trying it?
  3. Do you ship regularly?
  4. Do you wish you shipped more?
  5. Would this challenge help?
  6. Would you like to join me?!

I have looked online and the most formal thing I can find is six devs doing the challenge together as a cohort. Besides that there’s a few folk who have shared their experience on their blogs.

I plan to start this mid-May as I have work and family commitments I have to attend to first but then I’ll be shipping a product a month for a year.

I’m really new to WIP but am getting a lot of value out of the community and the accountability around my to-do’s.

Doing the 12 month challenge is that next step for me.

Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated.

Rich 🙏🏻

I kinda did something like that (also inspired by Pieter), but I tried 3 Products in 3 Months, and it was perfect because I ended up creating CSS Scan, which is still my full-time work.

I wrote about it here:……
(I didn't wrote about the 3rd product since I was already busy by that time)

PS: These are very old blog posts haha

TLDR: Yes, do it, it's great :)
There are high chances you'll find something that works

I'm kinda doing it like that in a way, but I don't want to say that. It's a 12 month-12 startup. I just want to ship a lot of products with payment options. lol, and want to see if something works. If we ship faster, we don't have any loss because it's a win-win situation and in the process, we learn a lot. So, its a very useful thing to do.

After quickhighprotein, Now I'm building a job board. And I'm trying to ship that one soon.

From the above, as you said,
That you are scared to ship because you look like an idiot. This is the same thing, which was holding me back in the past. But now I changed my attitude to who cares and who gives a f#k about what others think.

My money, my work, my idea. Everything is mine. So, why should i listen to others. If people likes the idea, then its great. Otherwise, move on to next. Simple.

I think, no one really cares, what we are doing. In the end, we have to work for ourselves because people will forget things fast. And they maybe not even remember anything. Also, if we want to achieve something unique, then we have to do something unique out of our comfort zone. Then only we are in the top 1%.
One Most important thing from my POV is that, if you can't be consistent, then everything will become useless. So please, be consistent and ship.
After some time, when you look back, and you will see that you've already learned a lot by only being consistent.

So, just relax and don't think too much, Just start building your shipping muscle and ship.

And update here, and if you have a problem, we are all here to help. :)