Happy opinions about the landing page 🥳

Hi everyone, I am Oben from Up Ninja. I am releasing my project on Product hunt in 4 days, so it is time to throw myself to the fire 😀

I am working as a 9-5 software development engineer since 10 years and this is my first SaaS project. I am not new in the startup industry but new to SaaS area.

I am so excited about my project and I would be extremely happy if you could share your opinions about two essential pages I have, one is the Product Hunt page and the other one is the Landing page.

Thank you so much, I will be appreciated a lot!

Landing Page: Product Hunt Page:

Product Hunt Upcoming Page:

Landing page:

  • I don't know if it's just me, but the css is a bit messed up for the homepage (Chrome Mac)
  • It'll probably look a bit better if you add some more spacing in the hero section overall
  • The service itself look very complete! Lots of options and statistics, but it can feel a bit overwhelming

PH page:

  • I think you can get more out of the preview images, the text doesn't seem to have enough space and they look very busy overall. Maybe you can find a way to make it a bit more calm.

Congratulations on your product and launch.

Landing page:

  • Also recommend more spacing like @denemio between navigation and hero line and maybe also before the CTA buttons
  • CSS looks good in FF, except between 770 and 990 pixel screen width (hero line moves up out of the fold and the logo is overlaps)
  • What are the animal icons in the first screenshot for? Icons for different services?
  • Clear information about the product and what it does above the fold, I like the small info icons for context
  • Design looks greate and app looks like a lot of work

Product Hunt:

  • Why are cats in the images?

Hi @bhdzllr and @denemio, thank you for your replies. They are very helpful.

I updated the landing page with given information from you guys. I am not sure if it covers all of them but I tried with most of the screen sizes and seems fine to me now. I also made the icons smaller.

For the icons, yes, they are for the projects and randomly assigned. You can change it anytime. I choose animals because I could not have time to have project logo upload property yet. :) It is one of the top priority after the launch.

I choose cats because of:…

I was planning to put koala pictures to be able to generate attention for the fire in the Australia but then I decided people could think it is a PR work. So I kept it as it is with the cats.