Growing my Content Creator blog project - ideas are welcomed!

Inspired by the man himself Pat Walls with his StarterStory, I started my own blog interviewing side hustlers and successful content creators (I was a content creator myself, so it made sense to do something like this + to network with them later down the track).

Since I started nearly 3 months ago I see steady growth -- in the beginning, I was hoping the creators could give me the boost of traffic, its good but I feel could be better.

I haven't reached out to any blogs, Reddit or any sort of paid marketing on IG or Facebook.

I have so many interviews offline over 50+ with a total of 20+ interviews that are currently live on my site.

I would love to hear some of your ideas that maybe I haven't noticed or something I could use to improve my site, anything!

Cool! If you didn't engage with social media or blogs. How have you been marketing this so far? As far as feedback, I think you'd benefit from changing those hyper links to one filled button.

Hey Termirlan, thank you for replying! The marketing isn't much yet, I wanted to have content on my website before I attempted to even do any sort of proper marketing -- I've been leveraging the traffic from content creators audiences who share their story.

Right now i've signed up to all the major platforms for the brand but havent really hone down on marketing.

And thank you for the suggestion about hyper link filled button, it makes sense!

Cool project! I like it, it's a kind of Indie Hackers for more creators!

Thank you for the kind words :)