Getting WIP notifications on Telegram Bot

Can we get the account notifications via Telegram bot? I mean including applauds, replies etc.

It's not something we currently have. My todo list for WIP is quite long and I think this will only appeal to a rather small audience versus some of the other stuff I want to add/improve, so I probably won't add it anytime soon.

I'll keep in mind though. I have planned to rework some of notification preferences in general (what you get emailed about and what not, etc). So if I work on, maybe I'll look at this too. But no promises 😅

Appreciate the request though! Hope my answer doesn't discourage you from sharing more requests as I do consider all of them.

No problem. Hope there is an option to turn off email notifications though.

There is! – Scroll down to "Receive notification emails" and set it to "No"