Generating a virtual phone number for business purposes

Hello everyone,

For those who prefer not to share their private phone number for administrative stuff, Airbnb etc, or require a virtual phone number for their company (as some services like Stripe request!!), which reputable and reliable online services do you recommend for generating a phone number? US?


Skype is good for a general phone number, but to receive sms you have to use a service like Google Voice, if you are ok with having a US number.

There are not that many good options to receive sms with a virtual number, most of the services out there are broken and not reliable at all. Because they sometimes rely on someone literally having a rack of phones that are connected to a server, not very secure or private either.

Some mobile carriers will let you forward sms to email, or use web sms.

Thanks for your feedback! I try to avoid Google services but in this case this is for SMS mostly to confirm/unlock accounts.

Google Voice

+1 for Google Voice. That's who I use, and they always work.

that's a nice use case, a bunch of apps are currently forcing this ridiculous rule...

Messagebird, we use it since 2019 for #payrequest

I use Twilio. Using their Studio interface, you can create complex workflows and menus without code.

I have a simple menu that asks the caller to type 1 to reach me, then it's forwarded to my cell. This magically blocks 100% of robocalls.