For a job board - how long does Google give for you to resubmit a closed job to their api?

I have a job board and one of the companies found a candidate so they marked the job as closed.

The post has schema markup so it's showing up on Google Jobs. You're supposed to resubmit the url to the Google Jobs API when the job posting is not available anymore, but I haven't integrated that yet (classic 😅)

How long does Google usually let these expired jobs stay up on Google Jobs before they give you a manual action? I know @marc has gotten a couple manual actions from because of things like this.

Nothing to worry about from my experience, just let the job 404 and Google will remove

I want to keep the job up, but clearly mark it as closed. Also the expire date on the schema will show that’s it’s closed too.

I don't think I've ever gotten a manual action for this

Really??? Ok awesome. The docs make it seem like it’s some super bad thing and that they specifically made the index api to fix.

Just make sure you don't use the indexing API for anything other than jobs, Google really burned me on that one :)

it's funny... whole startups based around that - 🤦

While we're on this topic, I'm looking for recommendations on a tangential issue. I run for context.

My app is built in webflow. AFAIK for the Google Jobs API, we need to send the description as a plaintext field. Except, in our Webflow CMS it's a rich text field.

How might I be able to convert this richtext field into plaintext in order include it in the JSON-LB blob for Google?

The only idea I've come up with is creating a duplicate (plaintext) description field in Webflow CMS and copy/pasting the rich text into it every time there is an update. But this sounds terrible.

Google will accept a rich description so no need to worry about that. Where are your jobs on I thought it was just a newsletter

Sorry for delay Remco. Appreciate this. Do you have experience using rich text for the description? I was under the impression it had to be plaintext only. Trying to find out more about this but not finding much.

Re: newsletter. All the jobs are linked to from the newsletter, we feature about 10 - 15 per week, and the actual job board on the site is launching in the next week or two.

I'd be interested in learning more about fantastic jobs too, my current data feed is pretty crappy.

Actually now that I am re-remembering, I believe the core issue is that Webflow does not allow you to embed rich text from their CMS into a JSON object, they only give you access to plaintext fields when using their custom code feature.

Might be able to kill two birds with one stone using my feed. I have one API with just text descriptions + searching on fractional I currently get 8 hits.
Your volume would be very low so you can simply use the free plan:…
I'm hoping to add a Linkedin feed in a couple of weeks as well which might help you with more jobs!