🥳 First Paid Customer of Meetups.AI - Fat2Fit.AI 🏋️

❤️ Today I got my First Paying Customer for my First Product in the most unexpected way ever.


https://Fat2Fit.AI GPT is now ⭐️ featured on https://Meetups.AI ,but it doesn't end there...

Long Read:

💪 I had a super hard day today as I had to solve a family medical issue, work and improve my product. It was time to relax a bit and I joined my first WIP Hangouts. @AndreyAzimov appeared, chatted and asked what everyone's building.

🚀 I simply replied that after months of trying to build great products, I now decided to just go for it - build and launch something. Putting all my non-technical knowledge together and figuring out a lot of things that I had no idea about, I launched my first product - a GPTs directory Meetups.AI (a terrible domain name, but I have promised myself to not worry about domain names too much).

🤯 And then out of the blue he simply asked if I have any paid features and how can he pay for them...

🤦‍♂️ Of course Murphy's law and it was super hard to make the payment.

💸 As I had disabled Typeform a couple of days earlier and switched to Google Forms (to save costs), the Stripe link was not being generated automatically.

🥲 When I generated it manually, it was asking for the Payee's phone number together with email by default. Even when I found how to turn it off, it was still asking for the phone number.

😑 Next, the post-payment invoice was not automatically generated by Stripe. Turns out that I had to preselect it before generating the link.

🙋‍♂️ Stripe support tried to help me out, but even when trying to generate the invoice manually, it would only allow to generate it in EUR currency (although I needed it to generate one in the original USD currency). They could not solve it.

💡 To solve the issue, I went to my old free invoice provider Zoho Invoices and generated a custom invoice.

🏋️ https://Fat2Fit.AI GPT is now ⭐️ featured on https://Meetups.AI ,but as Jackie Chan would say it "One More Thing" doesn't end there...

🤑 I will make this the best investment of that payment ever both in terms of promoting the listing and also personal benefits to the Customer.

⭐️ Overdeliver. This listing will stay #1 for way longer than the promised 4 weeks. I have bought the original product of the GPT that is promoted and will be making additional materials for exposure and traffic. Time will show how well the results will be. But will do my best effort in any case.

🙏Thanks @marc  for the WIP community and thanks @AndreyAzimovfor taking a chance on this.

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