Finished prototype of my first generative blockchain art project

I recently learned about generative art on the blockchain from Kevin Rose's new podcast.

It's still in its early stages and it can be implemented many different ways. But one site I've been looking at is Art Blocks.

The way it works is that first an artist writes an algorithm. It's typically just Javascript with perhaps some kind of drawing library. The algorithm takes one input, which is the hash that's being created on the blockchain when a new art piece is being minted.

For example, the artist can set a limit of 100 art pieces of the same algorithm being minted. Whenever someone buys a new art piece, it's created on the blockchain, along with the hash, which then is used to generate a piece of art on the fly. Specifically for that buyer.

So you never know exactly what you'll get. Unless of course you buy the piece of art on the second market in which case it already was minted.

I thought it was an interesting idea, so I'm giving it a try myself. My concept is to generate candle stick charts. The ones we typically associate with crypto trading. When you mint your piece, you don't know upfront yet what the chart is going to look like. It could be bullish (mostly green, up and to the right), bearish, or anything in between.

It remains to be seen whether Art Blocks will pick my project (they curate every listing), but if they do I'd be curious if the type of charts ends up impacting the value people give it. Whether a bullish chart ends up being more desirable, etc.

You can generate unofficial, unsigned candle stick charts here:

Keep refreshing to see different versions.

Once the Candle Sticks gets on the blockchain, the chart will be based on the blockchain hashes. But the demo above just randomly generates a hash.

logo.png 58.9 KB

I like this kind of initiative to better understand and learn how things are working by building, in this case NFT. Very interesting.

Absolutely. Best way is to dive right in!