Figured out how to use WIP XD

This is not a question, but I couldn't find a way to post this other than putting it in a question 😅. (Tried milestones, didn't work). 

Anyway, one of my gripes about WIP is we have to write and check Todos BEFORE 12am. (I'm the kind that forgets to do stuff like that). 

My solution now, is to add "yesterday's" todos into WIP when I receive the WIP email. With this, hopefully I shall never lose my streak again. 

Fingers crossed. 

so, you didn't figure it out 😅

(1) You can write your to-do's via the bar at the top of the homepage,

(2) or via telegram on the WIP bot:

Those don’t help because I will miss my streak for not adding any todos today.

I’m talking about how I had to change behaviours to maintain the streak, not using the platform.

Misread your post 😅

No worries. I just had to point that out because I’ve been misunderstood so much in my life that it stings haha.

It seems like I’m also using this as a platform to grow out of those pains when it comes to talking to people.

Nice, yes the daily email is helpful for this.

Do you use the functionality where you can reply to the email and it processes it as completed todos?

Not many people use it, so it hasn't been extensively tested. If you ever run into any issues, please let me know!

I’ve used it once or twice, but I can’t remember how it went now.

What I know is I won’t be able to use the email if I want to add images to my done items though.

Yes that's indeed a current limitation. Not sure of an intuitive way to support this where it knows which attached image corresponds to which todo

I imagine you can do one line of tasks followed by image, and any images will be attributed to the above task.

But that’s just a thought from my head.

So because my schedule is pretty unhinged, 12am is in the middle of my work day. (I'm in the US but running off a Western Aus natural circadian rhythm. I don't understand it either; I just go with what works.)

What's been helping is doing a small, easy task when I first wake up, just to check it off here to keep my streak. Everything else throughout the work day (before midnight) is just extra.

If I'm on my non-local schedule and working at midnight, I make sure to check off tasks before I sleep. For WIP, it counts as that next day (even though in my mind, it's the same day because I haven't slept yet lol).

I’m somewhat the same — I sometimes work late into the night (past 12am) and I lose my streak. Great to have figured out a method that I can at least keep it going.