Feedback on my newest product:

Here's the landing page, I'll be doing a full launch on Product Hunt early next week but for now just looking for some feedback:

Also, this is a fully functional landing page: you can sign up and get notified right now. I'll build the second pricing tier if there's enough demand (see waitlist), but the first tier is available today.

Context: this is a problem I experienced personally at my last job. Basically, a critical business partner changed their static IPs without telling us because of some infrastructure refactoring on their end, and important workflows started failing because our firewall was rejecting their requests due to being from unknown IP addresses.

What do you think? Thanks in advance!

P.S. I may or may not have gotten some inspiration from ☒'s site. Similar concept. Thanks Marc!

I personally don't have a need for this product so it doesn't seem that useful to me... Probably other people would find it really useful for sure!

No worries, even if you don't have a use for it I appreciate all feedback on the landing page design itself

Everything's pretty clear just nitpicking.

  1. Make the image higher res, it appears pixelated on mac.
  2. Signup - "get notified" sounds like a waitlist cta. Was confused for a millisecond looking for the form. Just make it say "Sign up"

Noticed the same things - thank you for the feedback. I’ll fix these later today. Might go with “start now” instead of “sign up”

@pyyding just updated the landing page, let me know if the image looks clearer. additionally changed get notified to "start now" - thanks again

Congrats on the launch! It is not really a problem but I can still see you're cheaping out on the kilobytes 😄

Odd, what resolution screen do you have? I turned off compression so I'm not sure what's causing it anymore haha