Feedback on landing page before launch

Hey folks! I recently wrapped up v1.5 of the landing page for Kojo Design and would love your input:

Feedback I've heard so far is sometimes the FAQ section doesn't work on mobile Safari, something I'm still looking into. Curious what y'all think of the messaging + value prop and what I can improve ahead of an official launch.

Hey, Tyler! 👋🏻 It might just be on my end, but the 'Apply' buttons aren't working on Safari desktop (working fine on mobile); they simply open a spinning loading indicator. Additionally, the FAQ section functions well on Safari desktop, but the FAQ accordion doesn't open on Safari mobile.

I enjoy the top navigation a lot.
In my non-UX opinion, the fade-in animations are too slow for me. I scroll to the next section and have to wait for the content to be visible. I don't like to wait to read something ;)
Even though I like the first view to be clean, I feel like there could be more content already shown to me, when I load the page. To entice me to explore more.

Hey Tyler! Nice work - looks really great! In terms of the messaging / my only quick note is that I'm always confused when people say "we" a lot but then also reference a number of times being the only person on the team.

From a client point of view for example it's good to know if other people in the team that would be taking over the working during holidays, sick days, when you get too busy etc or at least what happens. I know I've had to answer a number of those questions in the past even when I ran a studio with a team but it's even more important when services say turnarounds are one day (for example). But also for you because burnout happens a lot if you feel totally responsible all the time for one day responses and turnarounds (and I'm a big advocate of a three or four day work week haha so I always like seeing working days when turnarounds are a part of the value prop).

I know the we / I thing is quite tricky but I think given you've called out it's a team of one then it's maybe worth just sticking to I - or indeed switch everything to the façade of a team and not mention it's only one person (but in that case be prepared with some backup helpers!).

UI note: my bug bear is type case being different in buttons so I noticed for example you have Apply Here and Get Started (both capitalized) but View recent work (sentence case). Not important but ... designer eyes! Same with Apply Now vs Book a call.

P.S. Side note: I have absolutely no idea what the reference in " Let's get this 🍞 together" is but I read the bread emoji as "pain" (bread in french) and it made me smile because that kind of works in a weird way if thinking pain in english!

Hey Tyler - absolutely love the site. Couple of small things:

You say designs are done “within a day or so” - I’d try and nail this down to something a little less ambiguous. The “or so” really takes the wind out of an otherwise powerful point for me.

I experienced a bug with the carousel - I think instead of looping I just see empty slides when it’s at the end?