Facebook blurry og:image

I can't get facebook to display the image I set in the og:image meta description in high quality. It only appears blurry even though I set it exactly to 1200x630px, and also it doesn't take the latest image I define either. Does it take days to update the new image?

Try passing it through…

yes, it shows the same blurry image. It looks fine on mobile, but on Facebook desktop it is just blurry, and I don't know what else I can do.

Original image in the correct size as displayed on Facebook 680x355 (i also tried higher resolutions with the same result):…

Down-Resized image by Facebook, which is again increased in the Facebook feed to make it look even worse:

it updated the image now at least, after almost a day.

Yes, use debugger every time you want to update it.

When I want to share the url on Facebook though it still shows me the picture I uploaded yesterday. It has to be cached on Facebook. Probably need to give it a couple of days. I also added og:image:width and og:image:height, hopefully that helps with the blurriness.

Use the query string trick of adding ?asdf or something to the URL of your image and they should re-fetching the newer image.