Do you want simpler logs for AWS lambda?

You add something like; coolname.log(event, context) coolname.log(response) In your lambda_handler and that sends your logs to a dashboard where you're able to; 1) search your logs via the response or request i.e. any header, path param or query param 2) you're able to add columns i.e. you have an api-key header or a username header and are able to sort by it 3) you're able to do advanced filtering easily 4) you're able to view all errors from your dashboard 5) you're able to match a request to a response or error
  • Possibly the app detects from the structure of the lambda event what service triggered it and structures the logs accordingly, for example for API Gateway the logs will be grouped by request/response, for Alexa by Intent and response.

Being new to AWS, I find the amount of logs confusing. You can log everything it seems. Pretty messy. Also I don't even know how to look for things... but I just turn them on anyway.

Haha it gets easier with repeated use, however cloudwatch logs are really a pain and I'm looking to build something to make it easier to debug lambda functions. Actually working on a few other things around AWS?
If you have questions feel free to reach out :)