Do you use Stripe and would you be open to sharing your revenue publicly? #wip

If enough people are open to this I'll add this feature to WIP. It would make it possible to see how much revenue each product is generating.

That's a great idea. Transparency is part of my marketing strategy and I would love to see all kind of MRR for different stages of a product.

How would you implement that?

It's indeed similar to the Baremetrics dashboard, but a lot simpler. At least initially.

I actually built this for BetaList about half a year ago, but never publicly launched it. I could implement it for WIP rather quickly. I just want to make sure it's worth the continued support. If we can get a decent number of makers to pre-commit I'll invest the time into building the feature.

I think it's a nice idea. I'd be open to sharing my revenue whenever some rolls in. And I do use Stripe.

No Stripe in South Africa. Not sure I would be comfortable sharing revenue data.

I don't use Stripe, but what could be a good idea is to share the revenues with the wip members, not everybody?

I'm definitely curious to know the numbers of fellow makers and I'm open to sharing mine too, but I haven't been able to understand the benefit of it except that makers are helping each other (which is a good enough reason IMO). Is there any other benefit? Why would a private company share their numbers?

share with wip. Yes.
share with the internet. i would need to think more.

main con being:

the sample who shares revenue is more than proportionality represented by SUCCESSFUL makers.
this distorts the reality of being a maker


telling makers your rich is cool
telling the internet your rich is unnecessary