Do you keep an eye on your personal finances? What expense management app do you use?

Mostly been looking over things with Revolut lately.

I use Mint to track my net worth. I don't really like it for expense tracking but it's nice to get a complete overview of everything. Expenses I mostly use my own spreadsheet that I am really bad at filling out on a consistent basis.

My main goal is to make sure i'm directionally moving forward and saving $x/month, hence why I like Mint cause I can see retirement, investments, etc. all in one spot.

Interesting. If Mint were more suitable/friendly for expense tracking, would it make any difference for you (how much you use, the value the product delivers, etc)? or would you just stick to your spreadsheet?

Revolut and then manually add to a Google spreadsheet. Don't want to use mint etc cos of security concern.I also have a target for savings each month/year

Cool. Do you forget a lot to fill the spreadsheet? Is it too much of a hassle filling data in or is it an already formed habit?

I try to do it as soon after the payment. But with revolut I have a record of everything immediately.

I use Monzo, a new UK bank much like Revolut. It's awesome for breaking down your spending habits and allows you to save where you can afford to.

I couple that with the Moneybox app, which invests about £150pm for me into global index and property funds automatically.

I also dabble with investing (manually) in stocks & shares, and crypto markets.

I don't use any software to keep track of everything, I just keep a keen eye on the aforementioned services.