Do you have any US + International CPA recommendations?

My CPA is getting ready to retire so I'm getting ahead of that by looking for a new CPA ahead of his retirement. Does anyone know a good CPA willing to work with business + personal income tax in the US and potentially abroad*?

*As of right now my business is US based and all of my income flows through US sources into US bank accounts, but that might change in the future

Thanks in advance

Yep, I used to work at an accounting firm. Werner, O'Meara & Co works with companies on their taxes (and saves them a shit ton of money). If you request Alina, Sheri, or Rachel, they do international taxes as well. And of course, Peggy, the owner, but it'd be pretty hard to work directly with the owner. (Alina for sure has filed taxes in France for someone because I had to translate everything for her lol. I forget where Rachel and Sheri filed, though.) Overall a great company, and if you're looking for an actual firm with extremely knowledgeable people, I 1000% recommend.

If you decide to check them out, you can say Cayleigh Stickler sent you. :)

Awesome, thank you