do you guys always start a project with a landing page?

Not a landing page, but something that will help me build it later on.

The equivalent of its title/subtitle and how I will answer the question "so what is XXX?".
I also try to figure out what follow-up questions people will have (which would be the landing FAQ)

I think Apple is supposed to start any project by writing its press release? I can't find where I read that.

Whether it's this or a landing page, it's a great practice. It forces you to focus on the essence of your value proposition, be clear in your mind about what job it fulfills.

wow that’s a good perspective. Thanks for the advice. :)

Landing page hypothesis testing is something which helps a lot and I have seen from very small to top companies like Amazon using it to validate their product ideas. It definitely helps to start with a landing page having a wait-list to see how many people are actually interested.

This initial indication is really important and can save you a lot of development efforts, may help you come up with better solutions and even reshape your MVP.

I do prefer to start my projects with a landing page due to these benefits, if I haven't already validated the idea.