Chrome extension owners : roast Appwatch

☒ is a Chrome Extensions Database I recently launched on Product Hunt.

I mostly focused on SEO for the moment, but planning to add a few features to get some paying users.

Some ideas of paid features:
1. Follow your Chrome extension stats vs your competitors
2. Keyword rank tracking on Chrome Webstore
3. Advanced Search (ex. extensions with many users but not updated in a while can be good targets to acquire)
4. Fastest growing Chrome extensions

Please roast my SEO strategy and feature ideas
Good ideas ? Or bad ?

Hey this is a cool product, I haven't developed a Chrome Extension before, so I'm not your target audience, but I tried to sign up and create a user account to test this but never received the email.

Otherwise, congrats on the ssr, that's always such a chore.

Do you think you need to paginate your sitemap? I've been meaning to also for a range of urls around the same size.

Thanks for the feedback!
I fixed the issue with the signup so it should work now.
Yes, maybe it would be better to paginate the sitemap, because it's getting a bit large now.

Got it, okay, I created an account under my [email protected] email (previous was my gmail), and I logged in, but when logged in, I see a page with header/footer and no body content @ /best-chrome-extensions. When I click title or other links, I perpetually see the empty content section in layout. Screenshot:…

How do you like Nuxt? I finally gave up on client side frameworks after spending so much time with them ugh.

Ah thanks for the notice!
I'll fix the issue but if you refresh it should work though.

I'm using Nuxt 3 for this projects, and some things don't seem very mature yet. For example, using auth while having SSR is not trivial to me. But it's probalbly the easiest way to use SSR and have pages optimized for Google, while still having some dynamic pages and a SPA feeling.

Also, I'm now using Netlify functions and I somewhat like it, but things are sometimes not as intuitive as having a more classical API using Express as I was used to before.

I almost went for Next.js as it's more mature (libs such as shadcn/ui look incredible) but as I know Vue way better, I went for Nuxt. Nuxt & Next look very similar though.

Are you using React without Next with Mused ?
I had a quick look into SEMRush and it's seems you did a good job getting it indexed by Google.
It seems your traffic went off around december 1st 2022 : Is there anything special you did there?

Cool, yep, it's working for me now. I can add to watchlists and everything--this is a cool product. I don't think I can see my watchlists yet.

I threw in the towel on React, Vue, and the like unless they're being used by some other library I need. I've had multiple projects start out in React and then have to trash it weeks or months down the road for one reason or another.

Now I deleverage almost everything from client js and just do basic django with a tiny bit of vanilla js. There was a version of Mused with React/prerender/etc but it was so buggy and terrible for rendering a simple page, I scrapped it.

In Dec last year, Mused got discovered on social after a post on HackerNews -- definitely unexpected, but then people made screenrecords of our tours and posted them social media w/backlinks, etc, and we ranked higher.

It will be nice if you add some screenshots/visuals for each extension.

Since I can't do this manually as there are 100k+ extensions I can either:
- just add a logo
- get screenshots from the Chrome Webstore but I don't knowig there is real value
- just add visuals manually for the top 100?

The Chrome webstore features videos as well so you can't really know what will be visible there. Maybe adding logos would be a good start. Or how about color-coding based on category?