Programmatic SEO experiments

I recently looked a few videos on SEO, and here are my programmatic SEO experiments.

1. Migrated from Vue to Nuxt

I added full SSR on all webpages to make sure Google likes my website. My ahrefs health score went from near 0 to 100.

2. Optimized urls for main pages

All main pages have optimized urls :

Those pages are linked in the footer, and are all paginated.
For example, is the page 2 of the best Chrome extensions

3. Programmatic Images

All pages now have a social media image which is generated programmatically.

4. Backlink Magnet

I added a statistics page related to Chrome extensions which is always up to date. I hope to attract backlinks thanks to this page : 

5. Category pages

I added pages by category which are are programmatically generated.

For example:
  • Best Chrome Extensions for ChatGPT =>
  • Best Chrome Extensions for SEO =>
  • Best Mail Merge Chrome Extensions =>

6. Sitemap setup

A Sitemap is generated with all urls and ready to be uploaded to the Google Search console. However, I have 200,000+ urls to index so I'm doing this very progressively. Currently I'm only at 1000 submitted

Go Go Google

This is the first time I'm focused more on SEO than the product, since this is a very long term strategy. Hope I'll be happy to have started this soon in a few years!