Can you recommend good Hosting with FTP? No terminal just folders

For staging sites, I tend to use cheap shared hosting with cPanel. Right now I'm using GoDaddy for that, very few problems with them. If this is for a production site though it might be worth considering their dedicated hosting, it'll still give you access to cPanel and FTP.

I recommend SiteGround for their cached & managed wordpress. But they do regular FTP as well.

I actually don't recommend HostGator, I had a couple sites/accounts on it hacked, and someone inserted porn... needless to say, not very professional to me nor my clients.

Hi Andrey, are you sure that FTP hosting is the best way to solve your problem? Maybe AWS or google cloud could work too? Let me know if you are interested in discussing any architecture stuff, let's grab coffee, I am also in Bali. And happy to help.