Can you please share your experience with education videos on programming?

I gave up freelancing and consulting and would like to stay away from it. But being a maker (c) doesn't monetize as fast...

I'm considering additional source of revenue. And building programming video courses seems like a great learning experience for myself, ability to contribute and share to success of other and possible 'passive income'.

Did anyone had an experience? Any gotchas I should be aware of? Any rough numbers on income?

I made a few and I really want to make some more.

Making them did take a while (I spent about 1.5 hours for every 10 minutes) and mine were pretty simple.
I think I have ~1h of tutorials on my YouTube channel & before youtube changed their partners program, I made about $30 a year without doing anything other then uploading the video.

However, professionally being able to explain why my code did certain things was incredibly helpful. Plus I've had a few leads from people finding my videos who want to hire me 👍

Have you considered platforms like udemy? They seem to monetize better.

I've not, I always thought my tutorials were always to much of a one off. I might give that a shot :)

If its programming tutorials, then checkout Wes Bos. You will find whole info on his Indie Hacker Podcast