Can you help me creating a new headline?


I am rebuilding #awardin, creating a directory to list verified and unverified indie hackers' products by MRR. 

What would you understand by the following headline? 

The world’s biggest products by Indie Hackers🏆

most used / most popular products

This. "Biggest" doesn't really make sense here.

If you wanted, you could say:

"The most popular indie hacker products ranked by MRR" to let people know it's not necessarily the quality of the product but how much the creator is generating from it.

Im currently using this version:
Explore the top MRR products by Indie Hackers🏆

Are these products that help indie hackers create/grow their monthly recurring revenue? Or are these indie hackers who have created a product that earns them MRR and you're sharing those products based on how much those products make per month?

Im sharing products developed by indie hackers, displaying each product current MRR