Built LyfeAtlas for Revolutionarizing Healthcare Accessibility in just a month

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🚀 Exciting News!
Introducing LyfeAtlas, your one-stop solution for finding healthcare resources. Locate drugs, medical supplies, pharmacies, health centers, labs, and more on our live map, and access real-time drug availability, virtual support, and a wealth of health information.

Explore now at and navigate your way to better healthcare! 🌐💊💡 

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Would be interested to know where it pulls in the data from. I haven't been able to get any results. Design is cool though.

Yes because there're no healthcare service providers listed in your area. This work with geolocation and gives results based on your location. We can consider having a meeting to discuss more.

Congrats, and I made an account, and didn't find any doctors in my area, but the signup/login/profile photos, etc. all worked. The email link in the sidebar doesn't work for me. You could include a notice about which cities are supported so far or something?

Sidenote I've always wanted to go to Accra! Best of luck with this project.

Thanks so much Luke for taking your time to check out my project & with the feedbacks you sent, are really good. I'll check on the lil bugs and solve them asap. Can we connect on LinkedIn or Twitter to talk more. Much Appreciated!