Best way to get remote non-tech job for career switchers?

My girlfriend is looking for a new job.

She is super attentive to details and very accurate. She has great willpower as well. Her background is in Geology (Ph.D. and several years of work in the lab). She has tried front-end development (made several projects: but understood that it's too techy for her.

Looking for any kind of remote/office work that is not too techy and embraces social skills and empathy.

Preferred locations are Delft, Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden, Amsterdam. Or remote. Languages: En, Uk, Ru

What would you suggest for her to get the career moving?

@stephsmith has a great guide for non-tech people searching for remote positions.…

Thanks for sharing!

@yuri_kriachko If your girlfriend has any questions, this is one of my favourite things to talk about.

Oh, I thought the article is too short because the end of the page was exactly on the subscription form :D I realized it is actually longer only after this second message. Will read it through! Thanks.

I have the same problem as your girlfriend.

I'm trying to stop taking a new illustration client work and move on to fine art and making products.
I hope my projects will be somewhat profitable soon to support my life, and I don't think it will be within 2020.
So I'm looking for better payment remote jobs - and I think most of the time they are somewhere around the tech industry.

For example, if you have basic knowledge of programming and motivation for customer care, you can apply to customer support.…

Saying is easy, but in reality, you have to compete with hundreds of people with experiences.
I've applied to some tech support and junior engineer jobs on, but I haven't got any reply yet.

Searching for tech internships for carrier changer or paid front engineer training programs are also what I look for now.
Anybody who reads this page and know something about those, please let us know!

We are currently exploring a few options. First one is, they give 3 test tasks to find bugs on sites like and then you can look for bugs for real websites in development with pay of approximately 5 USD per issue found. Second one, is providing video editing services for YouTubers. Will see how it goes..