Best tags for tourist and nomad?

I am making a web app for tourist & digital nomad and I am thinking that what's the best tags(words) those people would think a lot when they go out. I'd like to use these tags for filtering information to show😄 For example) ・nomad ・cafe ・wifi ・outlet

If you have any suggestions, please tell me>< Thank you.

This is for people using my app who then search for places(cafe, restaurant, tourist spots etc).

If the user would like to go cafe for nomad work and is looking for a cafe with wifi, he/she can use the tag filter to see only cafes which have wifi tag🙂

Brainstormed a little: #fun, #pool, #cowork, #goodFood, #touristAttraction, #calm, #fastWifi, #healthySnack, #gourmetCoffee, #confortableChair, #cheap

Thank you!! I am definitely gonna use some of them!!

Some people want to search for a very quiet cafe or cooking space. So #quiet might be an option. Also, vegetarians like me would look into #vegan or #vegetarian.

This is not a hashtag, but I do care about the prices😂 So it would be great if I can search for free spaces and filter out super expensive places.

I hope it helps!

Thank you!! I couldn't come up with #vegan by myself. You absolutely helped me out🙏

Glad that I helped you. Good luck ;)