Are you taking care of a parent, kids, or disabled relative) while you build your MVP or startup?

Will you reply to my 10-question email survey over the weekend? Five (5) questions are optional.
You can DM on twitter w/ your email or add it to the comments below.
I’m not sure if you’re exhausted like me balancing both worlds, but we need better options. 😟
Any resources & tips I collect, I’ll share w/ you.
.p.s I'm working on the survey now.

Hey Helen! Happy to help. I have a full time job, wife and three boys (4y, 2y and 8 Months) - I'm building my startup(s) in whatever time I can steal!!

Thanks Rich! You can DM me on Twitter your email to send the email survey to. I appreciate the help. I'm working on the Qs now.

Hi Helen, I'd like to help. My daughter is 3 months old and I am still building stuff.

Thanks, @jelmerdeboer You can DM me your email to send the email survey to…