are there any general guidelines for designing your personal website for building your personal brand?

Start with what you want to achieve from the website and work your way backwards. There are three types of personal sites 1. Resume / link site - these provide some background and link to social media and other sites 2. Portfolio - presents your work, services and/or products and resume type stuff 3. Blog - which includes resume, portfolio and regular content. Maybe start with thinking about which of these three types of personal websites would work best in your situation. And add some personality, something different 'cos many of these sites look so much like all the others.

Hey Ibrahim! Thanks for replying! Attached is the rough idea of how I would like the sitemap to be. Would appreciate your thoughts on it! The "Why" / Goals of what I would like to achieve with the website are in red on the top left!

In addition, I meant to ask this question in the sense of: "are there any 'best practices'" for creating a website that is geared towards personal branding? Think Wes Bos, Coding Horror, etc

That looks like an excellent and well thought out start. I have two comments. 1. Maybe start with what the audience gets from the website. Learning or thought leadership are both good reasons for people to visit your site. 2. Build an audience and remember to add in a mailing list, and maybe even an email series using an autoresponder. I like Swizec site - it is a good example of a personal website done well. Hope this helps.

I made a quick version based on a template from and then stay watching the users access my website and understanding their behaviour and getting feedback from friends. It can be a good option if you want to have a reasonable site in short time and not having to wait much for starting sharing your website with people.

I still have to make lot of improvements, but, it's working well so far