Anyone using the twitter API?

I just need to pull in tweets based on links.
I had been scraping until now, which was working great, but twitter have screwed that app, and the only easy option seems to be the api. 

It's $100 a month to retrieve 10k tweets - seems a bit limited , and the next tier is $5k a month?
I would have to limit each user to import X tweets a month.
But seems like I should just drop twitter for now, anyone else have to think about this?

@graeme_fulton what data from tweets do you want to get?

  • author avatar
  • author name
  • tweet content
  • like count

pretty much what you see displayed in a tweet

have you thought about your own solution?

yeh, but most options look too much work to bother!

Yes, using their free tier to send tweets for… - it's definitely cost prohibitive for a "production" app and I don't think there's an alternative at the moment. Our good friend Elon probably realized there were too many bots scraping Twitter and increasing the server bills :)

yeah I just want to allow people to put tweets in the newsletter - it would have projected all that free speech lol

I ran this by my tech genius friend (who knows APIs and this kinda stuff really well), so I'm MOSTLY paraphrasing, but you'll hopefully get the gist.

He basically wanted to know the use case for the Twitter API in context with Email Otter, so we brainstormed some ideas since you weren't really clear on why you wanted to scrape this data.

If you're offering this as a service for Email Otter users to scrape tweets, it's not worth it.

If you're using the API to generate leads for Email Otter, it's not worth it. There's already a scraper that exists that you can pay $100(ish) where you can scrape tens of thousands of pieces of data in a targeted niche.

[He's currently looking up the name of this service, so I'll edit this comment when he finds it.]

If you're using the API to basically replace Revue (Twitter's old newsletter service), if you're offering as a paid service, if you scale it up, it's MAYBE worth it. (But you're going to be Twitter's bitch and it'll be an inferior project lol.)

Basically, he says it's not worth it ESPECIALLY at that higher price point.

Thanks for the great answer Cat! This was my use case, I had it working, it was awesome:…

it creates a newsletter card from the tweet, just by pasting the tweet url

I think the scraper sounds good, but it'll probably stop working at some point too like my previous version. I think just do instagram and tiktok social cards!