Anyone up for a poker night?

Hey all, 

I've been grinding for a while now, started to get some products going in stealth, more to come and sooner rather than later ready for PH launches. But before I do, I'd love to make some more friends in the community. 

I was wondering if anyone was up for an online poker night if I sort it out?

First of all, is this like real-real poker where we have to actually be good and bet money OR is it like Star Trek poker where it's just friendly fun?

Because I've literally never played poker, but if we're just having some friendly fun, I'd be in.

No-money poker. It will be on - everyone welcome. I will be creating a form to get everyone's attendance and timezone.

It is just to meet likeminded people.

Then I'm down! 😊 I better rewatch those old TNG episodes to learn how to play lol.

Love it!

Let's start a Telegram chat if we can. That way everything is in one space to communicate easily. :)

@thecatstickler I was going to first create a google form so I can collect everyone's timezones and then schedule it from there :) Will sort out next week.