any runners in WIP? Was thinking of building some sort of small app to keep myself accountable (I really need to get out there! 😀)

i like that idea, a WIP style app for running, maybe local based...

Local based?

I can see people competing with each other locally... like "Most streaks in town"... people might want to even meet up and run together!

Yeah, I was thinking that too. Localizing it could be cool. I live in NYC so lots of runners out here. What other features would you envision?

Wish I ran outside, more / at all, to help you answer your question...

Cool! Would love some kind of leaderboard/streak thing that sync with Strava et al 🏃‍♂️😀

there's the telegram group @liftordie which is fitness related

There is a popular app called for this. It's quite popular among the runners I know. IMO, a telegram based app similar to it would be interesting.