Any recommendation for an inexpensive headless CMS?

I find Contentful too expensive.

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Try running on cheap hosting. 🙂

I haven't used it but I've heard of this:

let me surf

I'm using Ghost, hooked up to my Gatsby blog.

let me surf

Oh I've got Gatsby running on my small VPS, along with many other sites.

let me surf

I mean Ghost is running on my VPS and Gatsby is running on Netlify. @marckohlbrugge you should really make an edit or delete button. 🙏🏻

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Does ghost support server-rendering comments?

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My buddy is working on one that provides an API on top of Google Drive and can export a Doc to Markdown,

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If GO is not a No-GO...

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Ghost is solid, especially if you want the front-end written for you. I wrote a post recently about how to hook it up to a $5 Digital Ocean Droplet:…. With Ghost you can design your own themes as well, however I haven't tried that.

If you want a truly headless CMS, I tried Butter ( They have good docs and really easy to set up (or at least it was with Node).

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