Any recommendation for an inexpensive headless CMS?

I find Contentful too expensive.

[This post was originally posted by another member, but they deleted their account and I didn't want the replies to be wasted.]

Try running on cheap hosting. 🙂

I haven't used it but I've heard of this:

I'm using Ghost, hooked up to my Gatsby blog.

Oh I've got Gatsby running on my small VPS, along with many other sites.

I mean Ghost is running on my VPS and Gatsby is running on Netlify. @marckohlbrugge you should really make an edit or delete button. 🙏🏻

Does ghost support server-rendering comments?

My buddy is working on one that provides an API on top of Google Drive and can export a Doc to Markdown,

Ghost is solid, especially if you want the front-end written for you. I wrote a post recently about how to hook it up to a $5 Digital Ocean Droplet:…. With Ghost you can design your own themes as well, however I haven't tried that.

If you want a truly headless CMS, I tried Butter ( They have good docs and really easy to set up (or at least it was with Node).