Any new ideas for WIP stickers?

To spot fellow WIP'ers in the wild

Here is a simple suggestion. Can be added to the 'Deals' page, unless there is an initial giveaway.

Love to have one on my MacBook. I suggest the standard emoji + name we see every day.
A big one on the cover so that everybody can see that you are busy. And a small one next to the trackpad, to remind yourself constantly to keep pushing it forward.

Like so. Also as a wallpaper. But mainly on the left of the trackpad.

This emoji 🚧is so cute. What about die-cut sticker of 🚧?

I actually had these printed a bunch and they are quite cute. I need to find a service to ship them as I'm traveling myself and don't want to take care of the logistics.

Wow! I want to get on someday!

a service to ship them
Or finding a printer which does on-demand printing and shipping.
I found a Reddit thread taking about stickers and drop shipping.…

Because I will be traveling soon, I will have the same problem with physical products.
Maybe I will ask my family for handling shipping stuff if the order isn't very frequent.

I guess pirated WIP.CHAT stickers on laptops would be the greatest compliment, because they cannot be obtained at the moment 😅

Just ordered some from Zazzle. There's 38 more stickers than what I need so I'm gonna spread some in the wild 😅…

I saw your 45 cm stickers, lol 😂

Those wasn't from Zazzle tho 😂😂😂