Any lawyers you can recommend who specialise in: SaaS, Intellectual Property Law, Startups, Blockchain ?

Hello, I'm looking for lawyers (ideally those who can consult UK companies) who specialise in:
1. SaaS (subscription-based service)
2. Intellectual Property Law (our customers add their IP onto our site, we are a blockchain timestamping service for that)
3. Startups (we are one ~1yr old, bootstrapped)
4. Blockchain (that's what we do, would be good if a lawyer knows how it works in the Court of Law)

If you have paid for a lawyer to help you with your SaaS, can you tell your experience with them. Have they been largely helpful to you? Did you feel confident about your Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and "what happens if your customer is put in court"... and any other kind/tough words you can say about using lawyers for your SaaS?

Thank you!
- Michael