Alternatives to Revue, Substack, for a personal newsletter?

Hi, fellow makers!

I've a list of ~9k subscribers to my old Revue sporadic newsletter. But Twitter (Revue's operator) got acquired and Revue passed away.

Most people seem to have moved away to Substack since then. But I don't like Substack: it makes me feel infoxicated and flooded with emails. I loved how Revue got it super simple and to the point!:

1. Let users subscribe to my list.
2. Let me compose a newsletter and send it to them.

I send a handful of newsletters a year. From two to five a year, I'd say.

A popular option is Mailchimp, but they charge 1500 €/year for up to 10k subscribers. This is a no-go for a sporadic personal newsletter.

Any of you have been on my shoes?
Which solution are you using to keep in touch with your subscribers?

Most solutions out there charge monthly by list size, regardless of actual use. After some research, and for the record, on top of Amazon SES seems insanely cheap for my use case.

Yes. Beehiiv is quite generous with their list size (up to 2500 subs in the free plan)

Another one you might want to consider is TinyEmail (

Depending on what you’re looking to achieve, pricing is definitely something you want to keep an eye on, but also workflow & capabilities of the platform. Sometimes, you end up paying the price in terms of headaches.

Beehiiv is really impressive, and I like their design options.

I know you wanted Substack alternatives, but Substack won't charge you for subscribers either. (It only takes a percentage if you choose to make it a paid newsletter.)

Just to be clear, though, do you need email automation? Because those services (Beehiiv and Substack) don't offer that.

I don't know what kind of newsletter you want to create, but if you want to create a visually rich newsletter with a high conversion rate, you can try #mailscribe.

You can also quickly create the content you will write in the newsletter with the help of AI.