Alternative to Rize: Native macOS Time Tracker

Native macOS Time Tracker that
- Automatically logging, no need for manual input
- Automatically show how many hour you are productive each day
- Local first app, no internet required
- Privacy First, no tracking is sent to server anywhere
- One time payment 
- Insightful chart to show how your time has been spent

In short, you can think of with more affordable payment, native experience and privacy focus.

I am using Rize.

One-time payment can be a game changer for software like that.

Love Rize. And alternative with one time payment would be great given that it has a similarly good (or better) UX.

@krasun @faahim01 have you guy searched for alternative?

I've used a bunch of other trackers before Rize. So you could Rize was the alternative I was looking for. Never looked into anything else since Rize as it meets my needs.

That's really interesting. yeah, I tried a couple before Rize, like , , but something about Rize that really click.

What is the single feature that you used most in Rize, if I may ask?

Okay, not sure if it's gonna be helpful, but I'm just gonna dump my mental model about this on you 😬

So, I never liked trackers for various reasons. One of the main ones is that I lack the discipline to manually track or enter information into the tracker. As a result, with most products, I never got anything super useful. Not because the products were lacking, but because I couldn't utilise them properly. So I knew I needed something that could track automatically.

After trying a few that do automatic tracking, it seemed, while they produced some results, they too, were not super useful without a bit of manual intervention. That is until I found Rize.

Rize works in a way that can give you a very decent insight into your time without really manually doing anything. For me personally, and I believe its the case for a lot of others as well, the value of a time tracker is as good as the insights in can provide you without feeding it manually. There are trackers that can be phenomenal with manual intervention, but they often do pretty terrible at automatic tracking. Rize somehow hits a good ceiling in that regard.

In terms of features I use the most: I like their heads-up when I get distracted (that happens a lot, haha). I like the focus score and the email reports. Honestly, I rarely open up the app itself and tweak anything. And that's the beautiful thing about it: you can set it up and forget about it, and it just works.

If an alternative had to win me over, it'd have to do all these, but better 😅

Couldn't agree more. I have the same feeling about Rize.

Thank a ton for sharing such an honest and insightful "review" !

Check out I've been using Rize before, but it seemed a bit expensive for what it did.

It's not one-time paymend (, but I got it via Setapp subscription, so it's "kinda free" if you already have Setapp.

Yes. I'm also using it. Definitely something in my radar too.

The missing one-time payment option for rize made me not use it. 120/year is rough imo

yeah, And I feel that to be able to justify that price tag, they are adding more and more bloat to their app.