3 weeks in... First stage of Task Monkey is live 🤘

Hey everyone, after 3 weeks of building I'm ready to start sharing Task Monkey

Why I am starting this:
People fall into 2 camps:
👉Using over-complicated and over-engineered task management apps
👉Using too many apps and can't keep track, are wasting time and generally confused.

The end goal:
Task Monkey is an all-in-one platform that helps small businesses streamline their project from planning to launch, while offering kanban boards, file sharing, calendar and chat functionality.

Current progress:
✅ Kanban boards
⚪️ File sharing
⚪️ Calendar
⚪️ Chat

Anyone that is interested in being a guinea pig moving forward, I'd love to chat and see if you're the right fit for Task Monkey ☺️

Checkout the project at 👈 (No need for credit card to sign up and play around)

Big thanks to ☒ 

 for pushing me to get it out there asap and also to getting roasted.

Congrats on the launch man. I like your vision, but as I mentioned I think you should go micro-niche first build niche specific features and learn from a specific audience to differentiate significantly from Trello, otherwise it's going to be hard to compete with them.

Good luck and keep it up!

Thanks man, I'm with you on this and am going to think about how to differentiate

I'm always looking to streamline operations and would love to chat more!

I checked it out, but like @mferrer said, I don't yet see any difference between Task Money and Trello, so I'm curious to see how you build it out going forward.

Hey Dude, I tried this out.

Things are working really well and it's pretty slick so far. I can see you have a quite a bit there. I had a need for a company I'm with and I'm thinking this tool might work.

I'm on the board of a company and we were looking at and its like $2500 NZD /year.

Its's main features are calendar, meeting files and maybe some notes. We didn't go live with it as it wasn't much value over just emailing our board papers.

I wonder if there is any cross over here?

congrats on the launch! I was going to give it a try, but asking me to fill name, email made me "ill do it later".. have you thought of adding SSO with google? really easy to do with firebase