Joined October 2022
redesign shadows and borders through the whole site #reva
refactor filter thorough the whole website #reva
eat borgir with GF #life
investigate and hot fix issue with vrbo scrapers #reva
make grill cheese ūüßÄ sandwich with GF #life
add more filters to tags repor #reva
help GF with wordpress site #life
go #gym chest, triceps & calves
research seo keywords and competitors #reva
improve performance of tags reports and make it work with review filter #reva
go #gym legs ūü¶Ķ
enqueue ReviewsClasifierJob for reviews of the beta testing company for the Open Ai tags feature #reva
detect last page when scraping to run Company Counter updaters and update listing sync at in a more clean way #reva
refactor & reorder scrapers throughout the whole app for a more clearer code and to make it easier to add new features #reva
refactor rescue_on calls on scrapers and add other common errors that should be retried automatically #reva
add extra information to the super admin email to help with debugging #reva
improve missing form OTAs report and email, to avoid false positives by querying for the time difference instead of the date #reva
add super admin only email to receive alerts from reviews missing from OTAs #reva
go sauna & steam bath #life
import custom reviews for customer #reve