Spencer Walden


Recently sold chocolab.com.au. Now building CheckYourList.app & AutoUnsubscribe.me Catch me on twitch: twitch.tv/spencercodes
Joined December 2020
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Write migrations for new core data model #checkyourlist
Write unit tests for cloning checklists and groups #checkyourlist
FInish flattening groups to get ready to implement sharing #checkyourlist
Start working on new AI project
Fix adding checklists to groups when inside a group #checkyourlist
Fix failing unit tests for groups refactor #checkyourlist
Move new experimental project to render.com
FIx unit tests and code to ensure flattening core data relationship for groups is working #checkyourlist
Keep working on portfolio and push to new domain: spencerwalden.dev/
Flatten Groups/Checklists relationship to use an array rather then Core Data relationships to get ready for zone sharing #checkyourlist
Upgrade website to gatsbyjs5 #checkyourlist
Make homepage nav better #checkyourlist
Work on redesign of cyl homepage #checkyourlist
Start work on new AI project and improve portfolio
Move from using React Helmet for Seo and use default GatsbyJS #checkyourlist
#checkyourlist Move randomising checklists in library function to a graphql query to have client and server side html in sync.
Progress on portfolio
Move review threshold to 2 not 3 #checkyourlist
Add category links to checklist library page #checkyourlist
Update Gatsbyjs code to query and generate category pages for checklist library #checkyourlist