Spencer Walden


I love learning everything I can, fixing things and building things :D I currently run https://www.chocolab.com.au. Before that I worked as a UX Engineer.
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  • Sydney, NSW
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Animate reusable on scroll and add better iphone screenshot #checkyourlist
Change checkyourlist.app website to use json for data
Update GatsbyJS to latest #checkyourlist
Update website colors to have better contrast so Lighthouse accessibility is 100 #checkyourlist
Fix some SEO issues and add a better seo system to website using react helmet #checkyourlist
Client meeting
Payroll #chocolab
Pay auspost #chocolab
#beep add swiftlint and lint project
Pickup MacBook and be very happy Apple covered the display replacement under warranty
Give up fixing edible ink printers and purchase new one #chocolab
read scope of client project
Take laptop to Apple Store
Write better print statements for future debugging deleting workout data #beep
Fix a bug where health data was not deleted due to coredata deleting the data before I could use it to look up healthkit samples resulting in a coredata fault that could not resolve. #beep
Fix bug with laps not being correct and right quick unit test #beep
Test new List features in iOS16
#beep Submit 1.2.5 for review
Fix bug preventing average heart rate from recording #beep
#beep Make updated screenshots