Joined January 2019
#drupal Create AJAX callback for customized Google Maps page.
#iot Setup a linux media streamer for my local machines.
#drupal Trying core Ban module to Ban some IPs.
#drupal Create 4 environments for my project (dev, test, pre, prod) and configure Gitlab CI.
#drupal Create shell script to clone and install project into a new Apache vhost from A-Z.
#drupal Generate temporary hash and send it by email for invite users to register with specific roles per hash type.
#drupal Configure AWS S3 as a file system, with custom folder on local machine.
#drupal Import files from remote server into node field.
#office Install Pop OS and setup my local environment.
#drupal Trying to migrate CSV source.
#office Create custom shell script to automate creating a new virtual host on Apache as per my custom requirements.
#drupal Create cron job to auto transition node workflow state to another state if not update for 1 week.
#drupal Move files from temporary storage to private and maintain the same file usage.
#drupal Create page template for authenticated user and another one for anonymous.
#office Trying Ubuntu 20.04 as a Desktop.
#drupal Use Drupal Key/Value store service.
#drupal Backup and migrate my Drupal website to another machine using Lando.
#drupal List all user's Youtube videos and allow him. to choose embedded video into node.
#drupal Create service to integrate my custom form with Youtube using Google client package.
#drupal Save paragraph items programmatically in a node.