Office works
#office Install Pop OS and setup my local environment.
#office Create custom shell script to automate creating a new virtual host on Apache as per my custom requirements.
#office Trying Ubuntu 20.04 as a Desktop.
#office Setup my VPN on my Manjaro desktop and creating a shell script to make it straightforward to connect to the VPN.
#office Install Manjaro and NVIDIA drivers manually.
#office Backup my Docker containers.
#office Configure my Odoo installation to have styled PDF with some general configurations.
#office Write custom python code to expose server stats.
#office Create dashboard with JSON API panel.
#office Setup Grafana and trying to virtualize some data.
#office Setup Odoo and trying to configure it as an invoicing system.
#office Configure my server to support multiple PHP versions with VestaCP.
#office Deploying a small Python app with Docker.
#office Gathering project milestones and facts from coding and deploy logs from Gitlab.
#office Create composer private repository for my custom library.
#office Creating and playing with Symfony 5.1.2 project.
#office Create new Slack app and generate Slack token for testing purposes.
#office convert my personal site to git and configure ignored files.
#office Exploring Cloudflare workers and creating test worker.
#office Create two test servers to trying ( and looking for some simple solutions like that.