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#drupal Create two page templates one for anonymous and the other one for authenticated user.
#drupal Create method to alter data before import by using variable reference.
#drupal Customize Form PI element with AJAX to change next field label.
#drupal Alter SAML UserSync to update some account fields depend on custom logic.
#drupal Configure external authentication and mapping user fields.
#drupal Move some configuration files from site to another to reuse some content types with some views.
#drupal Create custom action for core node bulk operations.
#drupal Create path alias programmatically once node get approved by workflow.
#drupal Create helpers service and inject it to all my controllers.
#drupal Alter view field with custom template.
#drupal Trying Zoom API module to fetch user meetings from Zoom.
#drupal Alter view and replace row with custom template.
#drupal Install voting reaction module and use it for (like) content functionality.
#drupal Create multistep form with custom route for each step.
#drupal Enable AJAX for my view to be used in LTI integration.
#drupal Create confirm form as a custom route.
#drupal Set custom access for user status field in edit mode.
#drupal Trying to make Drupal as LTI provider.
#drupal Create dynamic page to list available vocabularies.
#office Setup my VPN on my Manjaro desktop and creating a shell script to make it straightforward to connect to the VPN.