Internet of things
#iot Setup a linux media streamer for my local machines.
#iot Install OpenVPN and configure it for my home network.
#iot Install Portainer to manage my Docker containers.
#iot Install Proxmox for my home lab server.
#iot Install Node-RED for automation setup.
#iot Setup a firewall rules to limited access to specific IPs to my machine only.
#iot Create isolated network for my appliances.
#iot Install backup AC device to keep my office AC always connected to WiFi.
#iot Re configure WiFi connections of my IoT devices to use my new 2G WiFi network.
#iot Trying M5camera fisheye with M5burner.
#iot Updating Lifx lights.
#iot Documenting some Bank text messages for text process purposes.
#iot Install new switch for my IoT devices and organize the wired devices.
#iot Check if the cave AC indicator is greater than 35 celsius send Slack notification.
#iot Setup auto sync for my device folders with OpenMediaVault using SMB.
#iot Setup new RESTful weather device and document installation steps on Github repo.
#iot Setup new switch to connect my Raspberry pi devices by wire.
#iot Prepare my server cabinet for my home network.
#iot Create local DNS records for my local device.
#iot Update Lifx lights and making sure my automation is still working fine.